Access Control Systems

By definition, an access control system is a technology by where a mechanism controls the entrance and exit to and from a physical facility. In its purest form, a mechanical lock can be considered access control of both entry and exit if one possesses the correct key or combination. In another vein, a gate guard similar to the ones used by the military to guard and control a closed base can be considered another method of controlled access where verified issued credentials are used to filter which personnel can enter and leave the base. For those business owners who want the quality and peace of mind that comes along with a military gate guard, but the simplicity of a mechanical lock, MHD Communications offers several integrated systems tailored to your specific needs and control requirements. We are Tampa Bay's premier access control service provider. The safety of your staff, the security of your facility and the ability to control the flow of people within your office make access control a necessary technology in today's social climate. Read below to discover the different types of access control technology that MHD Communications has installed in the Tampa Bay area.

    1. Card Readers
      A card reader is a physical, electronic device that will scan key cards or key fobs for information pertinent to access control. The information stored on a card is compared to stored data on a central server or cloud-based system. An example might be the user’s name, date of birth, access code, and employee identification information.
    2. Keypad Entry
      A simple keypad that through a combination of pre-programmed values grants access to a facility. To gain entrance, one must know the sequence of values entered within a pre-programmed time frame.
    3. Key Fobs & Key Cards
      A key card or key fob is a portable memory storage device that has information embedded on a magnetic strip or key chain ornament that is relevant to the granting of access to and from a physical facility. This key-less access is not entirely foolproof as the key card and or fob can be exchanged with unauthorized personnel.
    4. Bio-metrics
      Bio-metrics employs the use of human physical attributes to determine the validity of access to and from a bio-metric scanner facility. The most common characteristics used are fingerprint and retinal verification.

      MHD Communications uses all of these verification techniques in an isolated or combined manner to ensure that no one gains entrance to your Tampa site unless you want them to. When our technical representative walks the location you wish to control, you decide the tier of safety you wish to employ. Once that is determined, a plan is created by our team of experts to insure that access at your location is perfectly controlled.

      1. Magnetic Lock Systems
        An advanced door locking system, that through the use of electric current, produces a strong magnetic field that is virtually unbreakable when employed. The locks are electrically driven and, if the power in a facility fails, the lock will disengage allowing for a safe exit.
      2. Video Monitoring
        Each access site should be under surveillance through the use of high-resolution cameras. These cameras can be set to gather real time data on a frame by frame basis or a single timed snapshot. Also, cameras can be configured to react to movement within an area and record in real time, any activities that occur.
      3. Time Tiered Entrance & Exit Permissions
        To keep access down to a minimum and under control, entrance and exit access should be scheduled. As an example, an entry may not give access before 8:00 AM or after 8:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. Any access attempts outside of that time frame are logged and viewed through a software reporting mechanism.
      4. Storage of Monitored Access
        The storage of access codes, key card, and key fob information, video, audio, and access attempts as well as many other data elements will be stored either offsite in a server facility or sent to a cloud storage area. The transfer of this data will be through a monitored, encrypted, and secured pipeline so that all of your information is kept in-house and away from prying eyes.
      MHD Communications realizes, in a genuine sense, that security is not just about keeping someone off of the premises. It is a series of checks, and rechecks, that can be stored and analyzed so that if your facility is breached there is a record of it and that record can be used to find and deal with the perpetrator. In the Tampa Bay Area, there is no one more attuned to the analysis and safety of security data then MHD Communications.

    1. Systems Technologies
      Through the partnership of technologies from Kantech, Rosslare, Identiv and IEI,  MHD Communications will create an access control system that is customized to improve security and manage people more efficiently at you Tampa Bay based business.
    2. Access Placement
      The key to your Tampa Bay facility running smoothly and securely is the strategic placement of the access control points and the facilities used to maintain a protected and safe entry/exit. We at MHD Communications will offer our professional guidance in designing and implementing the most efficient access control system for secure entry and egress.
    3. Access Monitoring
      Through the use of video, audio, biometric, and managed access points, each entrance will be maintained and monitored through a series of checks and balances recorded and stored digitally.
    4. Seamless Execution
      When the day arrives and the design is finished, MHD Communications will ensure that the installation and implementation of your access control system will exceed expectations. Our expertly trained technicians will insure that your new or updated access control system will be online and working with virtually zero downtime.

It is MHD Communications goal to create a sealed dome around your site. Through the use of all the tools mentioned above and our years of partnerships with many accredited vendors, we feel confident that our efforts will pay off in huge dividends for your site.

Contact MHD Communications about combining our Access Control Services along with our customized Surveillance Systems and Security Systems! This will provide your Tampa Bay based business with the pinnacle of heightened security and protection while helping you create a safe and secure facility for your employees.

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