Key Benefits of Using Managed Security Services


Tampa Managed Security Services

When exploring Tampa managed security services, you need to make sure that the features available to you line up with your business goals and your existing resources. Every business has different requirements, depending on its size, industry and its current IT infrastructure.
You’ll need to choose these Tampa managed security services with care to ensure that they help you meet your business objectives.

An Overview of Managed Security Services

  1. Malware Protection: Every business should have enterprise-grade malware protection. SMBs, in particular, present a sweet spot for hackers, since they often don’t have enterprise-level security in place, making them relatively vulnerable. However, outsourcing your IT security needs to a managed security service can help ensure that even the smallest businesses can be kept safe from hackers. A managed malware protection service exists to safeguard your systems from malicious software and hacking attempts by preventing breaches from getting anywhere near your network. A reliable vendor should update their software regularly and provide round-the-clock monitoring as well as have a solid response plan in place should an attempted breach occur.
  2. Spam Protection: Globally, spam costs companies over two-billion dollars per year in lost productivity. Spam emails are also a primary source of malicious software and phishing attempts that can end up causing massive damage to a company. Outsourcing spam protection is a wise choice for businesses of any size, not least because choosing a managed service leaves no footprint on your in-house resources. When choosing a spam-filtering service, you’ll need to make sure you still retain plenty of control over the filtering process and can make policy changes as needed. False positives are another concern, so you’ll want to ask your service provider to thoroughly test the system for your specific business communications before it becomes a core component of your IT infrastructure.
  3. Disaster Recovery: Backup and disaster recovery should be considered core components of any business IT strategy. Disaster can strike in many forms, such as data breaches caused by malware or physical disasters like fire, theft or human error. Whatever the cause, however, your business needs to be suitably prepared by having a solid response plan in place. Over 40% of companies never open again after a major disaster. However, a Tampa managed security services provider should provide the tools necessary to keep your data safe remotely as well as provide access to key applications without having to rely on in-house resources.

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