FBI Warns Cyber Criminals Are Impersonating Brands Using Search Engine Advertisements

The FBI has issued a public notice which includes advice to block adverts.   The FBI warning concerns fake ads impersonating the real thing and diverting potential victims to malicious sites.  The ads are the kind you would see on Google or Bing searches.  The ads being utilized by criminals mimic real brands by using domain names that

Make the Best of a Captive Audience

The other day I had to go have a blood test performed for a general physical. Surprisingly, I was not given an appointment but asked to just arrive at the clinic by 7:00 AM. On the day assigned to me, I dutifully arrived at the clinic to have my blood drawn in hopes that I would be

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The Unending Battle for a Secure Work Space

In writing this article that will cover several aspects of maintaining a secure workplace, the technicians of MHD Communications whole heartedly agreed, to a person, that one of the largest security challenges in this day and age is Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer. As a case in point, it was discovered that there is a recent news article

Unified Threat Management

Preparing Your Network

Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dorian, Erin and many more, are just a few of the names that belong to this exclusive group.  Ask any Floridian the significance of those names, and they will grudgingly tell you that they are the names of just some of the hurricanes that may be visiting the Florida West Coast this year. These

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Evolution Managed Service Provider

Change is an inevitable byproduct of progress. You cannot move forward without significant alteration of the status quo. If an entity remains in a state of unmoving limbo it becomes stale and will ultimately wither and die on the branch. It is therefore imperative that for any industry or technology to remain in a living, breathing, and

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Of Bikes and Security Systems

When I was a kid, I had a bike that I would ride to school every day. I rode this bike for two reasons, first, it was my mode of transportation to get me from one place to the next. Second, it was the primary tool for my job. I was a paperboy for several years, and

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Low Voltage Cable Taming the Beast

Many of those who have been in the networking and cabling business are aware, sometimes painfully, of the many considerations, a cable technician must be mindful of when installing low voltage cable. One would think that it is a simple matter of just unraveling the cable from the spool and dragging it from one place to the


Managed Service Providers: The Bleeding Edge Strike Force

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) are the backbone of the American experience. They are the innovators, the inventors, the investors, and the invigorators, stabilizing an economy that spawns a quality of life that is second to none. SMBs’ by and large are rife with the day to day trials and tribulations that go with managing an enterprise.

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Benefits of Unified Threat Management and Managed Security

There is a Chinese proverb that states “One chopstick is easily broken while a bundle of chopsticks are not”. This proverb comes from a story about a man who had three sons who were constantly arguing and getting nothing done. In fact, they actually worked against each other and impeded each other’s progress. The father explained if

Unified Threat Management

SQL Server Database Advantages And Best Practices

In the world of technical staff, there is a stigma related to the handling of database software and related functionality. It is a world unto itself with tables, and rows, columns, queries, views and a host of other storage parameters that need the skilled hand of a qualified expert. It is in this domain that a managed

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