SQL Server Database Advantages And Best Practices

In the world of technical staff, there is a stigma related to the handling of database software and related functionality. It is a world unto itself with tables, and rows, columns, queries, views and a host of other storage parameters that need the skilled hand of a qualified expert. It is in this domain that a managed

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Benefits of Cloud Services and Its Advantages

On August 12, 1981, the world would change forever. IBM introduced the first practical application of the personal computer and paved the way for an entire culture of business and home applications. Shortly after the introduction of the personal computer, ARPANET, a United States Defense Department project, instituted the technology of ‘packet switching’ which today is known

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Data Security,The Next Step

Data Security: The Next Step If you ask any systems administrator or network engineer worth their salt, what is the single detail in their day to day tasks that keeps them awake at night, they will undoubtedly tell you data security. As a Managed Service Provider, MHD Communications is well aware of the security risks that plague

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Retail Store Low Voltage Cable Build Out

The Customer: General Contractor in need of a Licensed Low Voltage Cable Installer in the Tampa Bay area for a National Chain Store Build-out The Challenge: Come in last minute to install low voltage cable for a project that was behind schedule The Solution: When the project fell behind schedule, a new GC was hired to complete the build-out

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The Oldest Assisted Living Facility in Tampa

The Customer: The Oldest Assisted Living Facility in Tampa The Challenge: Streamline technology service vendors, simplify repair needs and perform quality installations The Solution: MHD Communications provides service to the IT equipment, phone system, security system, surveillance system, wireless nurse call system, access control system and low voltage cable. Should anything go down or not perform properly,

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Choosing A Tampa Managed Services Provider

Choosing A Tampa Managed Services Provider For so many people, technology can feel like a mystery—an endless black hole of unknowns. The terms are confusing and the needs are always changing. At MHD Communications, we try to simplify and streamline as much as possible for our customers. One customer relayed this familiar story to us when her

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Tampa Network Security Consultant

3 Essential Questions to Ask when Hiring a Tampa Network Security Consultant It’s quite likely that digital data is your business’s most valuable asset, so making sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep it safe is of great importance. The increasing skill and ubiquity of cybercriminals poses a constant challenge to businesses of all sizes,

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Choosing A Tampa Technology Solution Provider

4 Crucial Things to Look for in a Tampa technology solution provider A Tampa technology solution provider is a vendor or value-added reseller (VAR) who is tasked with taking care of the technology needs of your company from initial installation to ongoing support and maintenance. It typically starts with a detailed analysis of your existing IT infrastructure

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5 Things to Look for in a Tampa MSP

5 Essential Things to Look for in Tampa Managed Service Companies Thanks to the unprecedented rise of cloud computing in recent years, managed services present one of the fastest growing sectors in the business technology industry. Whether your company is an accounting firm, a real estate agent or a high-tech business, you probably, like most, rely heavily

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Key Benefits of Using Managed Security Services

Tampa Managed Security Services When exploring Tampa managed security services, you need to make sure that the features available to you line up with your business goals and your existing resources. Every business has different requirements, depending on its size, industry and its current IT infrastructure. You’ll need to choose these Tampa managed security services with care

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