As business owners there is an onerous on all of us to increase busines and in-kind increase profitability. Each and every day we consider the most prudent and salient approach to developing a methodology that will help us achieve success. As prudent entrepreneurs we eat, sleep, and drink our business and the myriad of possibilities that will lead us to our goals. It is an integral part of who we are, and we dare not ignore it.

One of the most cognate realities of a business owner is bringing our message to as many prospective clients as possible. To expose our product, our philosophy, and our talents to the largest audience possible, should be our prime motivator. With this in mind it then begs the question, "How do we accomplish this goal?"

MHD Communications, is one of the foremost leaders in the Tampa Bay Area for Managed Services and all things IT. We are intimately familiar with the struggles all entrepreneurs face when advocating for their business. In union with this insight MHD Communications has developed creative ways to feature your business in a timely and polished manner. In the bullets below we highlight just a few methods that MHD Communications can help you announce your 'better mouse-trap' and in doing so help the 'world beat a path to your door'.


    From Possibly the most ancient and prolific of all visual presentation disciplines is Graphic Design. From 17,000 year-old cave dwelling art to modern day Video Wall Presentations, Graphic Design still maintains the same theme; to convey a message using line, shape, form, texture, and balance. These five elements, when professionally applied can make the difference between a successful product or service rendition, to one that may actually sabotage a well-meaning message. MHD Communications is cognizant of the fact that every form of communication with your prospective or current client is under constant scrutiny and must take many factors into consideration before approving the final product. We employ a group of professionals that can take the most modest of ideas and manifest it into an entire visual tableau that brings to life your concept.

    Through the use of tried and true as well as bleeding edge technologies MHD Communications expands your idea into a modern-day exhibit conveying your most salient points. Video Conferencing, Video Boards, and Audio Enhancement technologies are just some of the tools we use present your ideas. Creative Digital Design is the fulcrum of all modern-day advertisements and MHD Communications uses this tool to bring your idea to a modern world. Contact MHD Communications and let us guide you to fulfilling your dream.


    I believe that we can most certainly agree that the age of the printed media is almost extinct. That newspapers, pamphlets, even books to a large degree have been supplanted by the ever-growing influence of digital media. Digital media being defined as any Video, Audio, Social Media, News, Advertising, and the like being transmitted to devices that translate digital data (1s and 0s) into something we can understand.

    With that being said, if this is the way of the near future a prudent business owner must be aware of the realities of “How does my business fit into this form of media?” Digital Media is the portal to the eye of the client and cannot be ignored. Contact us and let MHD Communications guide you in your quest to become a practical member of the Digital Media family.


    Motion Graphics combines the simplicity of eye-catching graphics, with the goal of conveying an informative message in a fluid and smooth theme. This genre has the advantage of message candor in conjunction with a pleasing video and audio motif. Since brevity has become a byword of the internet a talented Motion Graphic Artist can impart an entire product exhibit in a matter of fifteen seconds.

    Many YouTube advertisements are designed to be only fifteen seconds in duration and offer a complete and compelling message in such a short time frame. In addition, with the advent of relatively inexpensive 'Video Wall LED Technology' Motion Graphic Design can capture the attention of a potential client and deliver a full message before the client is out of eye or ear shot. In union with this, many hospitals, offices, dealerships, and retail outlets can offer a variety of add-ons or specials to a product that may have escaped the clients’ attention.

    MHD Communications offers not only the installation and maintenance of cutting-edge video and audio hardware, but many of our packages include several options for Motion Graphic display. Contact MHD Communications and have a specialist advise you how to best invest your advertising dollars.


    Digital Media, Logo design, Motion Graphics, and all flavors of digital output in between cannot hold a candle to the art form depicted in Character Design. It is the single most rewarding discipline in the venue of digital creation, and it is also the most difficult to master. From idea, design, development, and finally finished product Character Design presents a multitude of opportunities for you as a business owner. In union with this let us take a few examples from the current world of advertising to illustrate this point.

    • Kelloggs’ Tony the Tiger: I am sure all of us can remember waking up to this icon sketched on the outside of every box of Frosted Flakes. Designed in 1952 Tony, to this day, still brings it when it comes to Kellogg's food products.
    • Smokey The Bear: Since 1944 when the Forestry Service authorized the use of this safety icon Smokey has been the campers guide. From his iconic “Only you can prevent forest fires.”, to his foresters' hat this symbol of safety has led many a camper to a safer experience.
    • Energizer Bunny: Whenever you purchase a battery the image of a pink bunny banging on a drum inevitably comes to mind. Developed in 1973 by Duracell, the bunny ended up on the Energizer team because Duracell did not renew his trademark in time.
    • The GEICO GECKO: No words are necessary as everyone knows this popular advertising phenom. He has graced the advertising arena with his Aussie charm, and down-home wit since 1999. The GEICO GECKO has most assuredly earned his place in the Advertising Hall of Fame.

    Each of these characters were brought to life by the creative minds of marketing, advertising, and management. They were implemented by the skilled hands of artists both analog and digital. They all have one thing in common, they began with a simple idea, that blossomed into an international powerhouse. MHD Communications has a staff of dedicated designers that can help bring your GECKO to reality. Contact us and let us bring your ideas to the rest of the world.


    Videography is the art of taking situational events, recording them, and offering them in a cohesive and orderly manner to convey a message. In other words, the producing, recording, and editing of staged, or ad-hoc events to build and disseminate a captivating message. With the accelerated use of smart phones and the fact that they are equipped with a single lens camera, and micro-mini sized microphone the entire world has become Martin Scorsese with the next Godfather simply a click away.

    In truth, it takes years of training and experience to take a raw idea and mold into a memorable experience. MHD Communications prides itself on its expertise in taking a fledgling inspiration and converting it into a mind pleasing encounter. From concept to completion MHD Communications will take the reins and develop your raw design into an engaging reality. Once completed, your idea can then be disseminated in any manner of venues, including internet, television, and self-producing video and audio hardware.

    It is time to take your ideas and have them brought to life here at MHD Communications. Contact us and allow us the privilege of making your dreams a reality.


    Every company, without fail, wants to instantly catch the attention of potential clients. Any entrepreneur, budding or otherwise, realizes that a logo is not just another graphic for your company, but it is your Excalibur, that is to be wielded in every side of your business including brochures, websites, and social media pages, just to name a few. Because your company logo is such an integral part of your business it is imperative to find the right design professional to help you.

    MHD Communications, for years, has been an IT leader in the Tampa Bay Area and we now bring that same professionalism to the Created Services arena. With the same fervor we show in our IT departments, our Created Services department, can help take your business and apply a persuasive logo worthy of your place in the community. Our team will work with you to research your business and understand your goals for your logo design, with the intention of using it across multiple platforms. MHD Communications realizes the significance of a company logo and as such we commit a great deal of time and effort to make sure that it will reflect your business in the positive light.

    MHD Communications is familiar with all the tools necessary to evolve an idea into a company brand. Logos, Character Design, Digital Content, and many more disciplines that are the backbone of MHD Communications Creative Services division. In addition, Video and Audio hardware can be a capstone for the furtherance of your brand and MHD Communications has its technical finger on the pulse of many fine distributors. Contact MHD Communications and let us help you realize your potential.


    Video is no longer simply displaying images on a screen but has developed into an entire technology that spans multiple device types. From the days of the CRT to the current state of video display, one of the goals of this hardware venue was to nominalize the footprint of the device. If accomplished the possibilities would become endless.

    After many years of testing and development, we now have the ability to build a wall of video that will virtually take up no extra space in a room. In many cases the devices bezel is less than four inches in depth and virtually seamless when multiple units are installed by an MHD Communications video technician.

    So now the question is no longer if we can build a wall of video, but what to do with it once equipped. MHD Communications offers its clients a myriad of suggestions that can help grow your business and client base.

    • For health care units, hospitals, clinics, videos can be employed to display special events for patients. A gathering place in nursing homes to show movies. Training videos for new personnel. Videos that explain those ‘care after release forms’ you take home after you leave the hospital.
    • Lawyers offices can use a video to introduce the firm and some of its many benefits. Not everyone is comfortable talking to a lawyer and a video business card is an excellent way to break that ice.
    • During an interview or the on-boarding process a company may develop a video to describe to an applicant who the company is, and a brief description on what the job is and how they can help the company if and when they are hired.
    • Large Box Stores can hold classes on DIY projects such as replacing a door, replacing faucets, or how to cut in trim by using the right brush and paint.

    The possibilities are endless and these are just a few ideas. As a business owner MHD Communications realizes that you will find many other uses for your Video Board. However, it does not stop with the local video, there is one more step. MHD Communications has a staff of professionals that will help design, produce, and present your videos. These videos now belong to you and can be used for whatever other venue you choose. The following are just a few.

    • A weekly YouTube video highlighting some aspect of your business that will drive people to your front door.
    • A video for Twitter that talks about a recent event at your business.
    • A Facebook video to share with your current company friends list to make them aware of a special that is coming in the near future.
    • An introduction video for your website using MHD Communications developed characters, logo, and branding.

    The company that does not employ the opportunities presented by social media will soon be lost. It has become the lynchpin of a successful venture and cannot be ignored. From beginning to end, soup to nuts, MHD Communications has a staff of professionals that can help get the word out about your business. Using Video Board technology combined with creative video production MHD Communications has its finger on the pulse of an ever-changing marketing terrain.


    In today's fast paced world of advertising using your logo to capture attention may not enough. Almost all advertising is done on a digital platform, giving you a myriad of options when it comes to utilizing your brand to promote your business. It takes an innovative mindset with years of experience to take your logo and turn it into a fast paced, eye catching, message driven animation that will have your potential clients stop and look at what you have to offer.

    Studies have indicated that the average time a company must catch someone's eye as they are surfing the internet is less than three seconds. MHD Communications can take those three seconds and turn them into clients for you. Give us a call and let us take your logo and turn it into a dynamic salesperson greeting your new digital clients each and every day.

Contact us now and let us introduce your business to the world.

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