email instructions

Existing MHD Communications clients can send an email to our helpdesk and a ticket will be automatically created on your behalf and placed in queue for a technician to respond within SLA. Non-urgent ticket requests such as permission changes, new user requests, and changes that do not affect productivity can be emailed to Our automated system will recognize your name and company name from your email address and automatically make a ticket that will go into a queue to be addressed by one of our highly skilled IT technicians. In the body of the email, be sure to include the issues you are having, if you have experienced them recently and any other helpful pieces of information, such as, a direct number at which to reach you or who we should contact if you are not the user experiencing the issue. Shortly after you send your email, you will receive an email from our ticketing system confirming that request was received. You can respond to this email, at any point, to request a status update or communicate with your technician.

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