Frequently Outsourced Technology Solutions for Small Businesses


Outsourced Technology Solutions

Thanks to greater flexibility and affordability, many SMBs are beginning to embrace the opportunities afforded by Outsourced Technology solutions. Outsourcing important business IT routines is a great way to save money and allocate important responsibilities to third parties. There are many technology services you can outsource, but here are three of the most popular solutions:

Common Outsourced Technology Solutions

  • Infrastructure and Outsource Technology Solutions: Maintaining powerful on-premises data centers can be prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses, particularly if things go wrong. However, Outsourced Technology solutions can take care of much of your computing needs for you by delivering important app functionality over the Web. Some businesses don’t even need to keep any servers on-site at all, instead using thin clients to access systems remotely.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS) is one of the three main categories of cloud computing, and it offers the most complete solution. With these services, a vendor takes care of hardware, software and data storage on your behalf. They’re extremely scalable, and require minimal hardware to be kept on-site. Whether it’s desktop virtualization, dynamic scaling or administrative tasks, IaaS can do it all.
  • Outsourced Technology Service and Data Protection: These days, your company’s digital data is likely its single most valuable asset. However, with the rapidly growing importance of data comes great responsibility. You need to have the systems in place that can safeguard your business from data breaches while also having a solid disaster response plan to fall back on if things do go wrong.
  • Data protection is one of the most commonly Outsourced Technology solutions, not least because it frees up many valuable hours. Small businesses especially, with their relatively limited resources, face major challenges when it comes to data protection. As such, having a reliable vendor on your side to take care of monitoring and malware protection can make all the difference.
  • Outsourced Technology solutions and Helpdesk Support: Outsourcing your helpdesk support system can help free up time and make your entire support routine more effective, complete with faster response times and greater resolution rates. Above all, it will help alleviate many questions and concerns that your organization sees every day.

When you choose a Tampa managed service provider, they should be able to offer round-the-clock support to your employees so that things like a failed update or missing data don’t end up becoming major, expensive problems.

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