Make the Best of a Captive Audience

The other day I had to go have a blood test performed for a general physical. Surprisingly, I was not given an appointment but asked to just arrive at the clinic by 7:00 AM. On the day assigned to me, I dutifully arrived at the clinic to have my blood drawn in hopes that I would be in and out in just a few minutes. This was not to be the case.

When I walked into the waiting area there must have been seventy of eighty folks like myself waiting to be called for their test. The clinic used a first come first serve procedure where the patient was given a number in a queue and eventually called when they were ready for you. I am not sure why this particular system was being used but it did lend itself to having a lot of people in an enclosed area for an extended period of time. With all of those people in the waiting area one would think there would be a low din of conversation, but interestingly, it was strangely subdued.

I was contemplating why it was so quiet, when I noticed that each person seemed to have their heads turned toward a small nondescript 27” television mounted high on a pole in the center of the room. There was nothing especially notable on the television, it was just showing the local news. Even so, everyone naturally gravitated towards the television to listen to the low droning of the news anchor. Curiously, I found even my own attention being pulled toward the television vortex like some kind of demented lemming. It was eerie.

I use this real-world experience to illustrate that a simple television placed in a room with a group of people will draw the attention of almost everyone in the room. It is uncanny, but the fact remains that people are drawn towards the same thing that makes people keep their faces buried in their smart phones.

Now, lets take this one step further. Imagine that same small television mounted on a pole is now an entire wall of hi-resolution video. A virtual canvas waiting for the trained hand of a video specialist to bring to life and accentuate your business. Let’s explore some of the ideas we can bring to life using this bleeding edge technology.

  • Informational

    • Businesses are formed from small ideas that are manifested into reality through innovation, hard work, and an ethic that rises above the fray. Envision this video canvas depicting the intricacies of your business. The most dynamic and fascinating items of what makes your business special. As a client sits in your waiting room, they are treated with a cacophony of illustrations that form the crux of your business. Essentially, what makes your business unique, and why they have made a smart decision in choosing you.
    • In addition, you can parade all of your specialties and how they can be applied to your client’s life. Many of these items may not be specifically for your client but may have applications with their friends or family members.
  • Advertising

    • Just like any other business your financial well being is based upon clients purchasing services or items from you. A key to advertising to someone who is already a client is what is known as up-selling. As an example, let’s say for the sake of argument, you own an automobile dealership that sells new and used cars. Your clients will ultimately use your mechanics for the maintenance on their vehicles. While they are waiting for their oil change, or 23-point inspection to be completed you can illustrate on your video canvas the value of using a high-end synthetic oil instead of crude. Perhaps the importance of new air filters and how they help in maintaining optimum gas mileage. Even the fact that automobile batteries lose their efficiency after so many months of use. All of these things plant a seed in your client’s head and can be used to raise the value of the client’s purchase.
  • Virtual Meeting Space

    • It has become increasingly apparent that flight travel and hotel lodging is an expensive proposition for any business. The argument for the expenditure was the fact that it is important to be face to face with a coworker or client during a meeting.
    • Using a virtual wall of video in union with sophisticated network conferencing as well as enhanced audio can make it seem as if you are in the same room with those in the meeting. Add to that the fact that a portion of the video can be used as a virtual whiteboard to share ideas and flesh out new concepts makes video conferencing the preferred method of work.

These are only a few of the many exciting roles your video canvas can fulfill. In addition, the technology once installed is easy to maintain and can be enhanced with the use of software designed specifically for your particular needs. MHD Communications has many clients that use this technology and have found it to be invaluable in their day to day business transactions. Call us and have a trained technician show you how we can bring the 21st century to your business.



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