What Does a Managed Service Provider Do?

A managed service provider (MSP) delivers computer and IT services, such as network, application, infrastructure, and security by overseeing complete IT systems, providing support, and managing the administration of your outsourced IT service provider.

At MHD Communications, we specialize in providing total technology solutions for all types of Tampa Bay businesses. And as Tampa’s premier managed service provider, we offer quality customer care and timely round-the-clock service, seven days a week. Both our network security and our on-premise security services ensure that your business is totally protected and operating optimally.
Our skilled team of employees are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Their expertise includes a variety of technology solutions, such as Managed IT Services, Structured Cabling, Audio Vision Solutions, Unified Communications, CCTV installations, Access Control Systems, Office Technology Moves and more.
Our MSP solutions also include the managing of networks and servers, software and technology infrastructures, data backup systems and overall network security and risk management.
MHD Communications will help improve and streamline your operations by offloading general monitoring duties from an in-house person to a better equipped team of IT experts. By having us oversee and monitor your systems, we can help you cut the expense of hiring an on-staff person or team to watch over your network and data.

We can also improve your company’s intellectual property security by taking the responsibility of your overall network and data security out of the hands of a single IT person and putting it into the hands of an entire team with strict systems and step-by-step protocols.

Our MHD Communications’ team members have been specifically trained and their duties specifically structured so that they can keep an eye on all aspects of your system. We monitor for potential or impending threats, malfunctions, or malicious malware. And we alleviate potential risks as quickly as possible, most times before the risk becomes an actual problem.

Every company’s IT needs are different, so it’s important to understand the full range of the MHD services we offer.

These services may include:
• Providing Help Desk Tech Support 24/7
• AV Solutions
Video Surveillance
• On-Premise Security Solutions
• Unified Communications
• 24/7 Network Testing and Monitoring
• Connectivity and Bandwidth
• Data Storage Availability
• Managing Installations and Upgrades
• 24/7 Network Security & Risk Mitigation
• Suggesting and Installing Software Patches and Upgrades
• Providing Web Hosting
• Performance Monitoring and Reporting

The Benefits of Hiring MHD Communications

We pride ourselves in treating all our customers with respect. We assure you that we can provide you and your company with:

Higher Certification Standards. Because MHD works with numerous IT and technology vendors from around the world, our team must be certified in many more products and services than your dedicated in-house IT manager has to be. This means we must constantly update and expand our expertise in order to provide our clients with top-notch quality service in an rapidly-changing technological world.

Cost Efficiency. 24/7 monitoring—even on weekends and holidays--without the cost of a round-the-clock in-house IT staff member or team.

Expertise. Instead of relying on the, sometimes limited, knowledge of in-house employees who may not be trained in the latest technological advances, MHD Communications provides the expertise of an entire managed services team.  Their training, education and experience is constantly updated and expanded to meet all your IT needs.

Security. MHD Communications offers a higher degree of security due to round-the-clock monitoring, state-of-the-art computer network services, and a team that is savvy, experienced, and totally qualified.

Reduced Risk. As an external managed services company, MHD Communications offers a more knowledgeable and experienced team of IT and network experts, better reporting, and all-around better service.

At MHD Communications, we offer expertise, timely service, total risk management and peace of mind for your entire company and staff.

Learn more about what MHD Communications can do for your business.