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Preparing Your Network For The Worst, Hoping For The Best

Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dorian, Erin and many more, are just a few of the names that belong to this exclusive group.  Ask any Floridian the significance of those names, and they will grudgingly tell you that they are the names of just some of the hurricanes that may be visiting the Florida West Coast this year. protect business dataThese names, along with sandbags, 4 x 8 sheets of plywood, water, MRE’s, and even home generators are just some of the precautions we implement in the Tampa Bay area in order to keep our homes and loved ones safe.

With that being said, the sad truth is that there is one area of the day to day life of a Florida Small, Medium business (SMB) that is woefully forgotten or ignored. Business data safeguards, as well as, redeployment strategies are inevitably placed on the back burner of many Tampa Bay SMB’s. These businesses are vulnerable to losing their data, or at the very least may take weeks to get the enterprise back up and running.

For decades, MHD Communications has been a leader of data protection and security in the Tampa Bay area. MHD is uniquely qualified as a resident of the Gulf Coast, handling many local clients. We offer a matchless insight into the strategies, as well as, recovery methodologies for our client’s data. This experience allows us to ensure the safety of your data, and also a fast and seamless reacquisition method to bring your business back online if catastrophe strikes.

MHD Communications offers a two-pronged approach to safeguarding your business data. The following is a brief synopsis of this methodology:

  • Backup Philosophy:

We at MHD Communications are religious in our approach to ensuring your business data is not only duplicated locally but also in our own off-site facility. In addition, through several sophisticated bleeding-edge technologies, a backup mirroring strategy is employed to other sites that are not in the Florida area. In other words, your data is stored in several areas across the globe in order to ensure that no matter what happens, MHD will have a copy of your data.

In addition to local, regional, and global backup strategies, we are constantly monitoring the software used to ensure all data necessary to your business, is obtained. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms, in combination with hands-on technicians, MHD Communications makes sure that the data we are safeguarding is all of the data necessary to get your business back up and running with a minimal loss of uptime.

One of the key weaknesses of any backup system is confirming that all data secured, is indeed all of the correct data and that no data was left behind. Many times, an end-user will save critical data to a local drive without any other copy or backup anywhere in the system. MHD Communications strives to prevent the loss of that data by installing, configuring and deploying the software that will alert our RMM (Remote Monitoring, and Management) platform if unauthorized data storage is currently being performed. We can then implement a path of amending the backup scripts to make sure that we gather all pertinent data.

MHD Communications has an excellent reputation for what it takes to make sure that an enterprise-level backup philosophy is in place and employed. This, however, is only the first part of a system of safeguarding our client’s data. The next step is much more complex and if not done properly, can cripple and or destroy your average SMB.

  • Reacquiring and redeployment of a Client’s Data:

Simply stated, MHD Communications can back up your data until we have it stored all over the globe in safe, secure, and reliable facilities. However, that is not beneficial if the data cannot be placed back into your business in a seamless and expeditious manner. In other words, just because your data is safe, does not get you back online. The following are some of the strategies MHD Communications uses to get you back up and running:

    1. Depending upon the type of business as well as the software employed it may be a simple matter of just copying or importing the data back into the application. If a local NAS is available, then this method for getting you back online is by far the least painful.
    1. If the local data storage has been compromised, and the local hardware such as workstations and servers have been rendered unusable then an offsite solution is utilized. Servers are replaced with working hardware and configured with the same operating system and business software. In addition, and proprietary software is installed and configured.

Data from an offsite facility is either placed on a NAS and shipped to the client’s site, or if the data is minimal it is downloaded to a local storage device. The data is then handled in the same manner as if the data loss was only local.

Workstations are replaced and configured in order to get as many employees back up and running as possible. In addition, all network connectivity is tested and configured to make sure that there is no data loss in the interim before your business is completely back online and running smoothly again.

This type of recovery is the most difficult as it is the same as starting your business from ground zero. MHD Communications has already ensured that your data is safe and secure, it is simply a matter of time, effort, and patience before your business is back up and running.

    1. Part of the reacquisition process is the preparation of a worst-case scenario. Since day one MHD Communications has employed little drills to see what it would take to get your business back online. We locate the weakness and determine how we, as your MSP provider, can help ensure that you have a safe and fast recovery experience. We are constantly improving on our methodologies of backup recovery and these simulations are the backbone of any client’s rescue.
    1. Network viability and reestablishment are key components of any business recovery effort. Whether your business is part of a cloud solution or deployed by local servers, your network is just as critical as having accurate and full backups. MHD Communications has the finest Network Engineers in the business who are well versed in firewall and switch technologies with a multitude of Fortinet and Cisco certifications. In addition, MHD Communications has a close relationship with our vendors which is a valuable asset in expediting any new equipment your business may need to get your network back up and running.
    1. Finally, once your business has been restored and you have been up and running for thirty to sixty days, one of our technicians will go back and test all of the data as well as network connectivity. We will execute a small restoration simulation to make sure that all is working properly. It is this kind of follow up approach that MHD Communications takes great pride in.

In the final analysis, there is not one business in the world that wants to be offline for even a single moment. Although many businesses may be able to function for a limited time without the proper data and connectivity, it becomes a medium that can lead to the final demise of your blood, sweat, and tears. Let MHD Communications help you ensure that if a catastrophic event were to strike, it will be a simple, safe, seamless, and speedy recovery.

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