MHD Communications is Tampa Bay's premier IT Managed Services provider specializing in network security. Our unrelenting mission to provide quality support means we are able to offer our managed services with greater reliability, improved performance and significant cost savings for our clients. As a result, Tampa area businesses are recognizing the benefits of procuring MHD Communications to manage their office technology. With almost two decades of reliable technology and network-based services in the Tampa Bay area, we have a pulse on what it means to be proactive, be innovative and be your business’ best asset!

We Offer Quality MANAGED IT Solutions For Your TAMPA AREA Business!

    • Improved Security:
      Simply stated, security has become and will continue to be, one of the most pressing concerns of any SMB/Enterprise business owner. It is the keystone to ensure a productive workflow coupled with the safety and well-being of your business data. MHD Communications, a renowned Tampa Bay managed service provider businesses praise, uses an effective and proven ‘Umbrella’ approach when implementing its securities protocols. By maintaining your entire IT infrastructure [C8] under a sole ‘Watch Dog’ control, MHD, your Tampa Bay IT solution provider, and support team can lock down all of the entities that are under constant attack. Your voice, internet and data, servers—(hosted as well as cloud applications), email, websites, and inter-network communications are all maintained by a single, well trained, and experienced group of broad-spectrum technicians that have only one goal: “To maintain a safe and productive work environment”
    • We Take a Proactive Approach With Our Technology Management:
      On a day-to-day basis there is a myriad of ‘small fires’ that must be handled by the SMB/Enterprise business owner. From clients to vendors, to employees, there is never a dull moment in the day-to-day of your average business. It is therefore vital that the infrastructure of your IT platform to be as free from problems as humanly possible. MHD Communications offers a proactive Remote Management Module (RMM) approach to help ensure that your IT platform operates virtually problem-free. This is only an example of what our Tampa Managed IT Services offers. Software Updates, Virus and Intrusion Scanners, Network Traffic Analysis, Firewall Defense, and Hardware Alerts, are just a few of the methods used to make sure that your business stays ahead of all possible hindrances.
    • Remote Managed IT Solution & Support:
      It is estimated that almost eighty percent of the IT problems that occur in a business can be solved off-site by a properly setup Remote Management Module (RMM) system in addition to highly trained technicians. In many cases, the client is not aware of the fault and the problem is taken care of quickly and transparently without loss of production time. All of this done without a technician ever scheduling an appointment for an on-site visit or interrupting the workflow of your business. This is what MHD Communications managed IT support services are all about!
    • Better Uptime:
      Our ultimate goal is to offer Tampa Managed IT services that will optimize the time that your business remains functional without interruption or impedance. In union with that, an MSP offers many different “tiers” or levels of support and services that are outlined in an industry SLA (Service Level Agreement). These SLAs and MSP contracts allow your business to select a customized service plan that will align with your business’s budget and IT needs. In the end, it is MHD Communications' goal to ensure a cost-effective Tampa Managed Services plan that will allow for optimized uptime.
    • Access to New and Innovative Technologies:
      The world of IT is an ever-evolving entity that influences many of the decisions an SMB/Enterprise business owner makes. Some may look at this challenging truth as a ‘fly in the ointment’, however, MHD Communications views this reality as a chance to build a cleaner, faster, more productive environment for your business and its goals. Keeping abreast of the now maturing internet protocols, the development of storage devices from platter to chip, the emerging firewall tool sets, and finally, the growth of operating systems and their supporting technologies, are the ‘meat and potatoes’ of MHD Communications. We discover, evaluate, and test each new standard and help you decide if our Tampa IT Services is right for your business. With this approach, your business will always be on the ‘bleeding edge’ of today’s current technological offerings.
    • MSP Versus In-House IT:
      The average in-house IT SysAdmin starts at $60,000.00 per year as a salary. Depending upon experience this can grow to as much as $80,000.00 per year. In order to maintain security and control of a standard network for an SMB there is a necessity for a full time Network Engineer. This IT expert starts at $75,000.00 per year and an engineer worth his salt is salaried at $150,000.00 per year. In addition, there are a plethora of benefits and employer obligations that can raise the investment by as much as $20,000.00 per year per employee. As an MSP client, you can receive the same IT services for a fraction of the cost with the same expertise as an in-house engineer, this is what Tampa Managed IT Services does for you. In addition, multiple Network and Systems Engineers are on staff twenty-four hours a day to ensure that every client receives enterprise class support at an SMB rate.
    • Quick Response Time:
      By in large a MSP will deploy custom software tools and agents that track and leverage all resources in a client’s business. These tools then allow the MSP to not only react to outages and problems quickly, they also provide the engineering teams with important historical information that is used to “proactively” identify and potentially stop an outage or problem before it ever affects the client’s business.

      In addition, MHD Communications has the ability to staff and monitor your business on a 24/7/365 basis. All of these plans are flexible and can be part of a customized SLA. If you're in need of a better IT solution, then consider our Tampa Managed services.

    • Professional IT Infrastructure & Growth:
      Some species of shark, if not moving, suffocate and die. It is the way of the beast. So too, for any SMB/Enterprise business. If your business is not growing, then it is stagnat and will suffer. As businesses grow, the infrastructure that supports that business must grow as well. From your network to computers, hardware accessories, and software, all should be evaluated at least every two years to make sure that your business is using the right tools to ensure everything is up to date. As an MSP, MHD Communications keeps its finger on the pulse of current technologies and can guide you in your IT decisions with a sure and expert hand.
    • Simplified IT Cost Tracking:
      All services and hardware needs are placed under a single vendor. MHD Communications uses in-house tracking tools to monitor all costs over a designated time frame and can offer full reports for your analysis and use. This approach not only simplifies your billing, but it also allows for a more robust budgeting cycle, since all of your needs are deployed within a single source.

As intangible as this might be, the fact that your business is being monitored 24/7/365 by a highly trained group of IT engineers in conjunction with cutting edge RMM technologies, can only add to your peace of mind. You can rest assured that MHD Communications, an expert Tampa managed services provider, and all of their aligned partners and entities have only one goal in mind, your success! Call Today to find out how MHD Communications can provide your business with Managed IT Services in the greater Tampa Bay area.

  • Improved Security
  • Proactive Approach to Avoid IT Crises
  • Remote Support
  • Better Uptime
  • Access to New and Innovative Technologies

  • MSP Versus In-House IT
  • Quick Response Time
  • Professional IT infrastructure Design and implementation
  • Simplified IT Cost Tracking
  • Peace of Mind

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