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3 Essential Questions to Ask when Hiring a Tampa Network Security Consultant

It’s quite likely that digital data is your business’s most valuable asset, so making sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep it safe is of great importance. The increasing skill and ubiquity of cybercriminals poses a constant challenge to businesses of all sizes, although SMBs tend to be among the favorite targets owing to the fact they’re often easier to hack.

With the average cost of data breaches continuing to rise by way of lost customers and damaged productivity, many companies are looking to outsource their IT security needs.
By hiring a Tampa Network Security Consultant, you’ll be able to get a better idea of the capabilities of your existing IT infrastructure and how you can improve them with a Tampa managed services provider.

What Relevant Experience Does Your Tampa Network Security Consultant Have?

Some Tampa Network Security Consultants might be able to boast impressive-looking credentials when it comes to telling you about their levels of expertise, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into practical experience. Although asking about relevant IT certifications is a good place to start, it’s much more important that they have relevant experience dealing with businesses like your own and of a similar size.

How Will The Tampa Network Security Consultant Communicate?

The most basic level of security services only involves network monitoring rather than problem resolution, but you’ll be alerted whenever a suspicious activity occurs on your network, such as an attempted data breach. Higher service levels provide many more features, including disaster recovery and response plans. Regardless of the level of service you choose, however, you need to know that you can rely on prompt communication and round-the-clock support.
Of course, price is also important, but managed IT services invariably work out more affordable for smaller Tampa Bay businesses that have limited on-premises resources to adequately take care of their own technology security requirements.

What Is the Biggest Security Risk in the Company?

The first job of a Tampa Network Security Consultant is to audit your existing network infrastructure and provide you with a detailed report afterwards. During the initial network audit, you’ll want to ask the Network Security Consultant what the biggest risks are to your company and how they might affect you. What you don’t want is a vendor simply telling you that they have a solution that will fix everything. You need details, and the vendor should be able to provide them.

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