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Virtually every budding entrepreneur who ventures into the business world wants one thing. From the moment they pin their first dollar made to the wall, throughout the life of their business, a company owner is trying to grow their enterprise. When the day arrives when you have outgrown your current place of business and it is time to move on, it is important to ensure that the move to your next home is done with as few snags as possible.

Moving because of growth should be one of the most memorable events in the life of a business owner. With the sure hand of MHD Communications at the helm of your technical move, opening your new business can be an exciting and pain free experience.

  • Infrastructure Cable Installation and Removal:

    As Tampa Bay’s premier managed services provider, we understand the importance of reliable and expertly installed infrastructure cable. Fully licensed, insured and bonded, MHD Communications is registered to pull permits for your business’ build-out. From mapping out your needs regarding phone and data jacks and setting up an efficient, organized and up-to-date data closet, to determining new hardware needs and implementing them into a seamless move, we are here to help with your office technology move.

    Once the installation of low voltage cable is complete in your new space, your office technology is safely moved and functioning, and your employees are fully operational, MHD Communications can assist with the demolition of the low voltage cable in your previous space. This is commonly a contractual requirement in many business owners’ leases. MHD Communications will neatly remove the old cable and dispose of it all within the requirements set forth by your landlord per your lease.

  • Work Stations:

    Moving a workstation is not just unplugging the computer and transferring it to a new location. There are many considerations that must be adhered to in order to make sure that when arriving at their new location the workstation is viable and ready for business. Issues such as securing the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and CPU in order to survive the trip.

    No matter the distance packing is of paramount importance. Making sure that all software updates have been completed in order to ensure that upon next boot up there are no unforeseen update anomalies. All passwords and security must be recorded and secured with the proper workstation. As a leading managed service provider in the Tampa Bay area MHD Communications realizes that these are but a few of the details that must be monitored in order to make a work station move successfully.

  • Servers & Network Equipment:

    It goes without saying that the complexity of a server and network equipment move is the single most critical consideration a business owner will face. In reality, it can make or break a business and a scheduled cutover must be performed without a hitch. If all else fails it is the move of the servers and network equipment that must take priority over all other facets of any technical office migration.

    Securing all hardware, racks, cabling, terminals, hard drives, NAS devices, and anything that is considered part of the server deck must be handled with the greatest of care when packing. Shut down must be clean and without incident.
    If problems do arise upon shutdown those must be handled at the originating site. RAID setup and positioning must be recorded in case of firmware failure. These are just a few of the hardware considerations that MHD Communications takes a very close look at.

    Email transfer, Active Directory Security Updates, in house software updates, and a host of non sequitur items that must be free of error before the transfer can be made. Even cloud handlers must be updated to ensure connectivity upon arrival date.

    The list is effectively endless with the complexity of each line item magnified at the new site if not handled properly. Thriving enterprises can be halted if the servers with all accompanying technologies are improperly handled. Years of experience of building, implementing, and maintaining server farms as well as being a managed service provider has made MHD Communications a premier expert in the arena of server transfer. Let us handle your move so that the expansion of your business is looked upon as a joyous event.

  • Phone System:

    The average phone system move can be one of the most difficult matters to tackle. It is not only ensuring that the equipment itself is secured and protected for the move, but there are several scheduling considerations that must be handled to make sure that your phone system is transferred seamlessly. Issues include:

    • Verifying dates of transfer with your phone provider.
    • Ensuring that all of the original phone numbers remain the same and all extensions are assigned to the correct personnel.
    • Certifying that the firmware on each phone is currently up to date and in union with the current hardware.
    • Making sure that any new phones have the proper security, upgrades, and compatible firmware to merge with the current phone system.

    The checklist for moving a phone system is virtually endless. It is the job of the technical staff of MHD Communications to make sure that all the ‘T’s are crossed and the ‘I’s dotted when performing such a complex move so that when your new doors are opened you are ready for business.

  • Office Security Measures:

    Your business should be protected through the use of secure and reliable systems. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration before any security system, access control system and surveillance system can be moved.

    • Scheduling transfer of alarms and entry points to help ensure that both places of business are secure doing the move.
    • Updating passwords for all users and any new personnel.
    • Evaluating the new scope of the security base to make sure that all eventualities are considered and locked down.
    • Assessing current procedures and evaluate whether these methods are ample for the new site or should be updated.

    MHD Communications offers a comprehensive design, installation, and implementation plan to keep your premises secure. Our office security measures are designed to help ensure that your place of business remains safe and protected. As a managed service provider in the Tampa Bay area, MHD Communications is keenly aware of virtually all security considerations. Place your business in our sure hands to help keep your life long work safe.

  • Voice & Data Services with Local Service Providers:

    MHD Communications works with a wide range of Voice and Data Services providers in the Tampa Bay area to implement the right phone and data needs for your business. Whether you are looking to implement new service or moving your existing service, we work with Spectrum, Frontier, Windstream, Level 3, Jive and Nextiva to find you the best deal—and all at NO COST to you!

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Phone Systems
  • Security Systems

  • Surveillance Systems Including DVRs, NVRs & Cameras
  • Access Control Systems
  • Installation of New Low-Voltage Cable
  • Voice and Data Installations

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