Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Common Questions

Why Are Backups So Important?

Should there be a natural disaster, deletion of a file or your workstation fall prey to a virus, you want to ensure that your data is being backed up on a regular basis. If you do have an instance where your business data becomes corrupt or lost, with the backups MHD provides, we are able to restore your data to the last backup. Ensuring your IT equipment is backing up regularly is of high importance to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Why Do I Need a Managed IT Services Plan?

Technology Services and Managed IT

A Managed IT Services plan provides peace of mind and expedited service! With a Managed IT Service plan, our technicians are able to quickly access your workstations to make quick work when something is awry. Our monitoring software detects potential problems before they become issues which makes it possible for MHD to expedite the troubleshooting process and minimize any downtime that could occur. This means, less interruption and more productivity for your employees. Our backup options protect from losses from viruses, spyware, inclement weather and hardware failures. As a business operator with information to protect, you cannot be without this feature. Let us talk with you and find out which of our Managed IT Services will best fit your needs!

What Is Included In A Monthly Managed IT Services Plan?

MHD Communications offers a wide variety of Managed IT Service plans and we work with each individual business to customize a package that will best fit the needs of your company. All Managed IT Service plans include 24x7 Health Monitoring of Devices, Patch Management, Automated Task and Virus and Spyware Protection. Higher Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) offer unlimited remote and/or on-site support. We also offer Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans, as well as Email Services. Contact us today to custom build a Managed IT Services plan that will best fit your company’s needs and budget.

Phone Systems

Phone Systems Common Questions

What type of warranty comes with a MHD Communications phone system?

MHD Communications offers both a full one-year parts and labor warranty and a three-year parts and labor warranty on all traditional phone systems and VOIP phone systems. With almost 15 years in the Tampa Bay Area, you can rest assured that if you need to call us with any issues, we will be there to answer the phone. In fact, many of our phone system customers who contact us for service do so because the company that originally installed their phone system, is now out of business. A warranty is no good if you can’t use it. Be sure to enlist a company like MHD Communications for your phone system needs. We are fully licensed and insured and we are well established in the Tampa Bay Area! Looking for references? Check out our Testimonials page!

What type of phone system would work best for my business? VOIP or On Premise VOIP?

There are a number of different phone systems out there that offer specific features based on what works for you and your business. Whether it be a multi-line traditional phone system, a VOIP phone system, a hosted VOIP system or an on premise VOIP phone system, MHD helps to determine your needs and focus on the best long-term solution for your business. Customizable features that should be considered when tailoring a traditional phone system, a VOIP phone system, a hosted phone system, or an on premise VOIP phone system are voicemail, automated attendant, music on hold, voicemail to email, find me follow me, cell phone extension and call queue software. Contact us to discuss what options are available and allow us to assist you in making an informed decision for your business’ phone system!

Audio Visual Systems

Audio Visual Common Questions

Access Controls

Access Controls Common Questions

Can I control the access hours to my business with an access control system?

Absolutely! You will have the ability to choose who has access and when. With our access control systems, you determine what time a fob or access card has access.
Don’t want your cleaning crew to come in late? Setup their access for specific hours and let them know they are only able to come in and out during your specified times.

What types of access devices does MHD sell to go along with access control systems?

MHD Communications of Tampa provides some of the most popular access devices for access control systems such as key fobs, key cards and printable key cards. The printable key cards are able to print an image, such as a logo and/or a picture of the person to whom the key card is assigned.

What is an Access Control System? And how does it work?

An access control system is a keyless system that manages access for employees, residents, and even customers! You may be familiar with access control if you have ever belonged to a gym that provides you with a key fob or key card in order to gain access or enter the facility. Or perhaps if you have lived in a community that uses keypads or card readers in order to enter a clubhouse pool. Many of our clients use an access control system to track when employees enter and exit specific parts of the office, such as entrances and secure areas. Others use it to maintain safe environments for residents—such as in an assisted living facility or in a neighborhood. Whatever your needs may be when it comes to access control, MHD is here to design, install and support your system.

Network Cabling

Network Cabling Common Questions

In What Situation Would I Need Cabling In My Office?

Low voltage cabling is necessary when you are adding a new computer or phone in a location that does not have a voice or data connection. MHD Communications also offers low voltage cabling services for customers that are moving to a new location. Many landlords do not provide this service in the build-out. Because we are fully licensed in the state of Florida, we are able to pull a permit, when necessary. Other reasons that you may need cabling would be a new installation of speakers, televisions, wireless access points (WAP’s), access control hardware, surveillance and CCTV hardware, and security hardware.

What Is Low Voltage Cabling?

Low voltage cabling is the structured cable or wire that creates your office technology infrastructure. One of the main purposes that low voltage cable serves is to create a connection from a centralized location (such as a telco closet) to wall jacks located by desks which then provide a place to connect you to both your phone and internet connections. In addition to connecting your network, computers and phones, structured cable and structured wire can also provide the necessary communication for such devices as speakers, televisions, wireless access points (WAP’s), access control hardware, surveillance and CCTV hardware, and security hardware.

Nurse Call/Life Systems

Nurse Call/Life Systems Common Questions

What kind of service does MHD Communications offer to its Nurse Call customers?

We understand the distressing impact created when a wireless nurse call system is not functioning properly—both for your staff and your residents. MHD Communications of Tampa offers 24x7 emergency support for all customers and takes into account the heightened urgency when a nurse call system requires service. We work closely with our vendors to quickly replace and repair parts as needed. Fully licensed ad insured, you can guarantee that MHD will deliver.

What features are included in the Nurse Call systems you provide?

MHD communications designs and implements a nurse call systems that best fits your needs. We offer both wireless and wired solutions. Our nurse call systems offer wireless pendants, pager notification systems, bedside pull-cords, bathroom pull-cords and emergency buttons.

Security Systems

Security Systems Common Questions

How will I know if my alarm system has been tripped?

MHD offers monitoring with no contract! Our systems provide the capability of sending alerts to your cell phone via text message, and/or phone call.

Can I set alarm codes for each of my employees?

Yes! MHD can program one master code in addition to employee access codes on your DSC security alarm. To be sure that you get the desired amount of access codes, let us know when we perform an initial walkthrough for install so that we can install the best alarm system for your needs.

Technology Moves

Technology Moves Common Questions

Are you insured to move our equipment?

Yes! MHD Communications is fully licensed, insured and bonded!

We are looking to relocate our place of business, how can MHD Communications assist us?

Moving can be overwhelming. But MHD Communications can help simplify the process in four ways!
MHD Communications:

  1. Is able to help design and install all your new infrastructure cable in your new office suite.
  2. Can provide a quote for new hardware due to your obvious growth!
  3. Organizes and orchestrates your move with your phone and internet provider(s) – at no cost to you!
  4. Provides secure transport coupled with our specific procedures to ensure that we safely and efficiently relocate your technology equipment from one office to the next. MHD strives to ensure there is minimum downtime during a move. We can also forward your incoming calls to a cell phone to ensure there are not missed opportunities!

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Common Questions

How Do I Get The Maximum Potential Of My Video Camera System?

When MHD communication installs a camera system we set specific settings to ensure you are getting the maximum potential of each camera. We also perform a walk through before and after selling and installing the camera system to ensure the view of each camera captures your ideal locations.

How Long Will My Video Camera Recordings Be Accessible?

This depends strictly on the amount of storage your DVR/NVR has. If you are not getting the amount of stored recordings you are looking for, MHD has the ability to upgrade the storage on your recording device.

Why Do I Need A Video Surveillance System?

Many businesses find that a video surveillance system—also called a video recording system or a CCTV system—offers peace of mind. With today’s technology, you can use a surveillance system to monitor both interior and exterior areas of your business in high resolution. Depending on your needs, our cameras have the capability of picking up license plates, automatically detecting motion and “touring” a specific area for movement. With the ability to view your surveillance cameras 24x7 remotely from your smart phone, you can rest assured that you are proactively protecting your business.

Voice Data Services

Video Surveillance Common Questions

Does MHD install internet for residential properties?

No, unfortunately we do not!

Does MHD provide the phone and internet service?

No. MHD works with the communication service providers in the Tampa bay area, on your behalf, to create a communication service plan that best meets your needs.

Does MHD provide the phone and internet service?

MHD has long-standing relationships with area service providers to provide our customers with the best, most beneficial, and cost efficient internet and phone service. Looking to change service providers? Or maybe you are growing and need additional services? Perhaps you feel you may be paying too much for service? Let us review your accounts and provide a quote for service that better meets your needs and budget—all at no cost to you!