The Unending Battle for a Secure Work Space


In writing this article that will cover several aspects of maintaining a secure workplace, the technicians of MHD Communications whole heartedly agreed, to a person, that one of the largest security challenges in this day and age is Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer. As a case in point, it was discovered that there is a recent news article where Microsoft had once again released an updated version of Internet Explorer because there was yet another exploit that was currently being abused.

In a released statement referencing the exploit, Microsoft was very vague and simply indicated that the update took care of a possible problem. After some digging from the folks at ‘’ a CVE was produced (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) that stated; “an attacker could take control of the attacked system and if the attack succeeds would allow the attacker to install or remove programs, view, change or delete files, or create new user accounts”. Along with this information Microsoft had a series of long and complicated workarounds in case the end user had not yet received a corrected version of Internet Explorer.

I bring this entire issue up because this exploit was not mentioned in arenas where a normal end user could in fact be notified. No mention that there was an exploit with their browser, that they use every day, that could effectively take over their entire computer and steal valuable data as well as funnel illicit data through a system, including several forms of pornographic material. This exploit is not some small inconvenience, it literally places an end user in danger of losing valuable data as well as irreversible financial catastrophes.

MHD Communications has for years protected our clients with the most up to date security technologies. Even an exploit like this however could in fact be unknown to a firewall that has been setup with the most recent scripts and firmware. Only through an informed security specialist would most end users have been completely protected. Security minded technicians must peruse and evaluate hundreds, sometimes thousands of articles to ensure that a client’s workspace is safe and secure from the malevolence of outsiders. It is this type of dedication and commitment to our clientele that has placed MHD Communications as a leading Managed Service Provider in the Tampa Bay Area.

In order to help assure that a client’s data is maintained in a secure environment MHD Communications addresses three areas that have a significant impact on the day to day opus.

  1. Access Control
    If the offender cannot gain entry, then they cannot do damage. This simple mantra is by in large one of the lynch pin philosophies of MHD Communications. Through the use of Badge Entry, Card Reader, and Biometric Scanners, an almost impenetrable wall is built to keep out those who would do harm to your enterprise.If we add the application and ease of use of a Key Fob or Key Card, it becomes virtually transparent in implementation to almost all end users. MHD Communications has become an expert in database maintenance which is the fulcrum of a complete and accurate security verification system. These tools, once deployed, can offer a digital safety net to your business and employees.
  2. Surveillance
    The simple fact is that a business owner cannot be onsite 24/7/365. It is not practical and certainly not prudent. Hiring an onsite security company to patrol your business is for most fledgling enterprises cost-prohibitive and impractical.MHD Communications offers a solution by using a sophisticated surveillance technology that can not only keep your business under a constant watchful digital eye but alert the proper authorities to respond to a possible breach in your security dome. Through the use of High-Resolution CCTV, which employs License Plate and Face Recognition technologies it becomes essentially impossible to not be aware of every entity that has the possibility of entering your facility. In a reality filled with those who wander the streets with just one intent; to do harm to your business or your employees, it becomes a necessity to devote at least some of your security funds to surveillance. It also becomes apparent by reading the daily news that if some of the localities where innocents were injured or worse, would have employed CCTV technologies, the outcome could have been different.
  3. Network
    A. Through the use of an advanced set of firewall technologies, Fortinet offers its clientele with bleeding-edge algorithms to snare even the most sophisticated of would-be intruders. With a Fortigate firewall, in the hands of a certified Fortinet technician, MHD Communications can build a virtually impenetrable digital wall. These controlled firewalls, under the skilled eye of a managed services provider, can safeguard your network, and all the data it transports. Your network can be considered safe from an unwanted breach.B. In the case of physical or virtual disasters, MHD Communications employs several backup solutions to keep your business viable even if there is a loss of hardware or software. In several cases even if your business goes down and local data stores are destroyed you can be back up in mere moments through sophisticated hot-swap technologies.C. Ultimately, however, it is the monster that lives in the castle that is the most dangerous. Those who are in the fold can in fact do the most damage as they have been trusted with many of your companies most precious secrets. It is these culprits that are the hardest to ferret out and a lesser MSP would collapse under the digital pressure. MHD communications employ the FortiGuard Self-Evolving Detection algorithms in order to snare those who would do you harm from within. We leave no stone unturned when the safety and viability of your company is at stake.

In the final analysis, your business can have the most sophisticated hardware net known to man, but without the expertise of a trained and certified security technical expert, your hard-earned money becomes a digital paperweight. Most breaches are initiated from a login that has been ignored with the username of ‘Admin’, and a password of ‘password’. Make sure that this type of oversight does not affect you and your business. Employ the experts at MHD Communications.

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