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Many have heard the fable of the frog and the pot of boiling water. As the story goes the frog, when placed in a pot of boiling water, will not stay in the water and will try to leap from the pot. However, if the same frog were placed into a pot of warm water, the frog will stay quite happily in the pot.

If then the heat on the pot is slowly increased the water in the pot will eventually come to a boil. The frog, seemingly unaware of the water getting increasingly hotter, will eventually boil to death as it discovers the water is too hot to survive, however, the frog is too weary to escape.

What does this fable have to do with your business's current voice and data system? The answer is straightforward. When those told the story ask what finally led to the frogs demise, the answer is inevitable, the water got too hot for the frog to survive. However, what the fable teaches us is that it was not the hot water, but the frog’s willingness to stay in the water even though the frog was quite aware that it was getting hotter. It is complacency that leads to the demise of the frog; the water is only the instrument of punishment.

A fledgling entrepreneur when initially setting up their business will depend upon the expertise of others to help ensure that their business has the best opportunity to succeed. When establishing a voice and data system, an agreed upon price and set of services are provided to the business. These services, in the beginning, may be more than sufficient to satisfy a client's need. But as time passes, several things may occur:

  1. Additional equipment and or services may be needed.
  2. Carrier regulations in the area may change which may alter the service and price structuring for current and future contracts.
  3. Warranty work that was at one time satisfactory may now be insufficient to fulfill the business's needs.
  4. Equipment that has now aged must be either repaired or replaced.
  5. The original service provider may have bought out, and this can amend the current contract. In many cases, the provider may have changed hands many times.

These are just a few of the reasons why a business's current contract may have become unable to sustain the needs of the business. It may also be why the current voice and data bill has skyrocketed, but the service received increasingly more mediocre.

Rather than sit down and evaluate the current contract, it just becomes easier to pay the bill and live with the service the business presently receives. It is not the increasing bill that is causing the service to suffer; it is the business's busy schedule which does not allow the business owner to take time to evaluate their current contract.

MHD Communications is one of the leading purveyors of voice and data systems. We have excellent relationships with the top providers in the Tampa Bay Area and can help all businesses, big or small, negotiate a contract that works in their best interest.

The business's current contract may need revamping and a new one negotiated which will bring in a new phone and data service that will, in the long run, be much less expensive than the business's current contract. The current contract may be adequate, but new services should supplement it in order to maintain the level of service that the business has been known to offer.

Finally, the current contract should be scrutinized with a fine-tooth comb and evaluated for possible savings that can either be applied to new voice and data services or put back into the business to help it grow.

MHD Communications offers our customers an all-in-one technology solution, making it simple for you to find a resolution more quickly when something goes wrong. As one of Tampa Bay's leading Managed IT Services provider, we focus on the security and reliability of our customer's networks. By commissioning MHD Communications to manage your voice & data services, we are able to ensure that service providers perform tasks as needed in a timely manner to keep your technology environment running as efficiently as possible.

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MHD Communications is an expert at evaluating voice and data contracts. We can also evaluate your current business model and see if it aligns with your current voice and data systems. This process of evaluating contracts and services should be performed at least once every 2-3 years, any longer and either technology or the business model outgrows the system. Give us a call at MHD Communications and let us help you spend your voice and data dollars wisely.

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